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Multi Species Cheese Slap Prefab

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You all loved the KhnfuCat Cheese slap so much, that I just had to make it available for even more avatar bases!

Ever wanted to slap a someone with cheese?
Well now you can with support on over 20+ different avatars!

This Prefab has drag and drop support with included universal prefabs that can fit on even more avatars!

Currently Supported Avatars:

All currently supported avatar bases have custom fit cheeses with blendshapes to work with Blendshape Link via VRCFury. The universal cheeses are structured to be edited in Unity manually.

*More base prefabs will be added in later updates, contact via Twitter or Discord (Linked below in contact section) to request a base to be added. (I only have been looking at bases that are somewhat popular, if you have a specific request we may talk some compensation for it.)

Patch Notes

- Added ARKIT blendshapes on WP Masc Canine

- Fixed Novabeast blendshapes

Slap all of your friends >:3

Removable with left hand and head


*This was inspired by the Cheese Slap for NKD Protogen & the Mayu base by Azuki

Product Details:

Parameters & Materials:

  • Parameter Usage: [1 Synced Parameter] (For toggling the option to be cheesed)
  • Material Usage: [1 Slot] (More if you add in texture swaps via VRCFury)
    • There are 5 material options included in the package, you may swap them and edit them as you please.

Contact Points:

  • 1 Right Hand Contact Sender [Sending "Cheese" & "cheese" Parameter]
  • 2 Head Contact Receivers [1 Receiving "CheeseRemove" & 1 receiving "Cheese" & "cheese" parameters


  • There is one included audio source that links to the head bone
    • There are 5 audio options included in the package, you may swap them and add new ones as you please.

VRCFury Mentions:

In this prefab, there are over 20+ included avatar bases where you are able to simply drag and drop the respected asset onto your avatar hierarchy.

The prefab designed for the intended avatar base will fit directly onto the base and has the contact points moved to the correct positions. This also includes the cheese FBX designed for that base including Blendshape Link via VRCFury. The Blendshape Link will adjust the cheese to fit avatar visemes, facial adjustment shapes, and most of VRC Face Tracking shapes as well.

The custom cheese FBX will not work properly on modified bases, please use the included Blender file to adjust as needed.

Included in download:

  • Unity Package - with pre-made avatar setups & universal setups.
  • Substance Painter File - just the one I have been using.. its a square piece of cheese..
  • Blender File - The same one that I have been using to morph the square on avatar faces (avatar FBXs not included)


VRChat Creator Companion (VCC)

You must use one of the newer VRC SDK's which can only be downloaded through VCC, otherwise you are more than likely to encounter issues.

Poiyomi Toon Shader

(Recommended Release 8.1+)


*All prefabs are made with VRCFury to enable drag and drop installation



  • Use the asset for personal use and projects, modify and edit it as you see fit.
  • Stream & or make video content with the asset, credit is not needed, but greatly appreciated.
  • Make public avatars with the asset. Please credit though!
  • Commission/take commissions for putting the asset on an avatar (provided BOTH parties own the asset)
  • Use it for a commercial avatar as long as you set it up and export without the assets files (you have to delete the folder), then direct your customers to the exact page to buy it. You are not allowed to include the files for the asset in your own export. Your store page must be pretty clear about that to avoid confusion as well.

Not Allowed

  • Share any of the files to anyone who does not own the asset.
  • Include the files on a purchasable/free avatar without first asking myself.
  • Complain that the asset broke your project, I always recommend you make backups before importing new things.


If you do contact me about adjustments or requesting an avatar base, please mention that first in the message! (too many bots randomly messaging)

Twitter (X)Discord DM
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If you have issues with the product, please contact me by my contact options listed on the product page!

Last updated Jun 14, 2024

Chmeeze all your friends >:3

Multiple Pre-Made Prefabs
2 Universal Prefabs
Blender Editor File
Substance Painter File
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Multi Species Cheese Slap Prefab

20 ratings
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